Box Six Terms of Service

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Payment Terms:

      Payments can be made by check, money order, PayPal or Purchase Order. Payment (or guaranteed payment in the case of a PO) must be received before we can give you access to music. Please note that if you choose the PayPal option, there is a 3% surcharge added to your total show cost that is charged by Paypal. Flexible payment options must be worked out with Box Six in advance of purchase. For any questions contact Box Six at

 Regional exclusivity:

       Box Six bases our Regional Exclusivity on the circuits that each group competes in. We rely on information from our customers to report every circuit they plan to attend including: local shows not sanctioned by a circuit (i.e. "Indiana State Fair Marching Band Contest"), local circuits (i.e. Southern California Percussion Alliance) and national circuits (i.e. WGI Finals or WGI Spartanburg regional). We will not sell the same show twice in the same local circuit or local show. For National circuits like WGI or BOA, we will not sell the same show twice for specific regional or championship locations. It is very important that every customer report accurate circuit info to guarantee regional exclusivity for all groups. Box Six does not take any financial responsibility for groups who perform shows outside of the regional information they provide to us at the time of purchase or to any who school who has an infringing school compete within a show or circuit that an authorized Box Six group is performing. Any break in this exclusivity due to change in plans for that given school without written consent from Box Six is the sole responsibility of the offending school or organization. Box Six will attempt to contact and work with the school ahead of time if we are alerted but we can't promise or guarantee any action will be taken.

 Time period for a show once purchased:

      The shows are to be used for one competitive season (either indoor or marching). If a group wants to use the work beyond that in any fashion, whether competitive or not, additional permission will be required from Box Six in advance.

 Refund Policy:

      Box Six is unable to offer refunds on our shows. Because our sales come with regional exclusivity, we have reserved the show for a customer in their area and have often turned away other groups who have inquired about the same show in the same region. And once students/staff have had access to the music, there is no way to "return the product." In some cases, we are able to work out a credit for the following season; you can contact to further discuss your options.