Marching Band Beg/Int

» Marching Band Beg/Int

These shows were originally written with a smaller less experienced ensemble in mind. Beyond the skill sets of both the winds and percussion being written at a lower level, these shows typically have slower tempos and are written shorter. The wind parts were also written with less players in mind which can be very important to a smaller or entry level group!


Are you interested in a Box Six Co-Commission for your 2018 band season?

       Continuing in 2018, Box Six is excited to offer 4 new Co-Commission show opportunities. This is a way for a band to purchase a brand new show that has never been performed before and share the costs to have the show written. As with all of our shows, Co-Commissions come with Regional exclusivity. The main difference is that we have a limit on how many groups we sell these to, a maximum of three to four ensembles.

       Once again we will be offering TWO simpler shows with our co-commission options to offer a wider variety of levels to our library! Contact us for more price and time-line information about our 2018 Co-Commission shows.