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      The work that Ian Grom and John Mapes do is not just creative and musical, but literally takes the entire production into account with every phrase, saving directors and staff members countless hours of extra work. I truly believe that Ian and John are two of the most creative people in our activity. If you want your next production to be different, innovative, creative and above all, musical; contact the Box Six folks today!

Richard L. Saucedo
World renowned DCI/BOA arranger, composer, judge and educator

       No matter what year or what genre within the marching arts, the works that John Mapes and Ian Grom produce are always at the top of the pack. Musical, entertaining, educational and simply great stuff! Man, any group looking to buy a quality original marching band or indoor show would be more than satisfied with such a purchase. In fact I think you would be absolutely delighted! Thanks guys for the great work you two do!

Neil Larrivee
The Cadets, Dartmouth HS Front Ensemble Arranger/Instructor

Marching Band

       I LOVE designing drill with the music arrangers at Box 6. The role of drill designer is incredibly more efficient when the music has visual events in mind and the programming is planned ahead of time. Hearing the arrangements how they're intended to sound from Day One makes the entire process enjoyable. For many of us, Marching Band IS life... and trust me, Box 6 will change your LIFE!

Tim Fairbanks
Designer for Rhythm X

       Working with John and Ian has been truly inspiring. The Box Six team works at the highest level of creativity and detail. As a visual designer, it is a joy to work with Box Six because both music AND visual events are already planned out meticulously before I ever put down a single dot. This allows me to take my design process to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness because the music is so well thought out. If you're looking for a state of the art marching band package, Box Six is the answer.

Richard Hinshaw
Drill Designer for Avon HS, The Cavaliers Drum Corps and The Academy Drum Corps

       Ian & John's compositions have been a breath of fresh air for our marching band program! We have stood apart at large regional contests for refreshing, entertaining, and quality programs. It is more than great percussion parts, it is amazing musical composition across the board with high quality entertainment as the focus. In Texas, we spend 13-14 weeks of our year in marching band. I believe Ian and John's compositions are of the depth and richness to make it our quality subject of study during this time with an entertainment payoff that can't be beat. Besides, they are fun to play and teach! Isn't that what we are in this business for?

John Nelson
Associate Director of Bands Cy-Fair High School, TX

       John and Ian's arrangements are not only cutting edge but are leading the way in modern marching band design. The pacing is impeccable and the effects are brilliantly written in. After working with them for the past couple of years, I have them at the top of the list of arrangers that I enjoy working with.

Jaime Holly
Drill Designer

       Box Six has single handedly created a new way of thinking within the marching arts. Their creativity has paved a new road as to what is possible within our activity and they do it in a way that is effective and accessible to any group. Their work is systematic and detail oriented, making drill writing very simple. The unique combination of variety and depth in their compositions allow me to bring the entire production to fruition and give any group a larger than life appearance. Working with the guys at Box-six is a true world class experience in every sense.

Steven Estudillo
Drill Designer, Visual Caption Head of Pulse Percussion

Indoor Percussion

       I've had the chance to judge these guys in every class year after year, and they never fail to deliver the goods and then some. Consistently clever and innovative in everything they put out, John and Ian are the real deal.

Ralph Hardimon
DCI Hall of Fame, WGI Judge

       John Mapes and Ian Grom have figured out the indoor gig. Their blend of electronics and acoustics is second to none. Their shows are always well thought out, and are able to carry the theme from start to finish. I have enjoyed all of their shows as a spectator as well as a judge.

Scott Johnson
Percussion Caption head of the Concord Blue Devils, WGI judge

       When I decided to take my group to participate in WGI World Championships for the first time, I knew I needed to take a step back and trust someone else with the music design aspect, so I could focus on the overall design process. Deciding to go with Box Six music was the best decision I ever made, resulting in a top 3 finish, three years in a row. John and Ian provide exceptionally written scores. You can definitely tell that hey love what they do, and it shows in their music and dedication to the indoor activity!

Brian Howerton
Director of Vegas Vanguard, PIA - 2013 silver medalist, 2011-12 bronze medalist

       We had spent a few years designing our own shows, and soon came to the realization that we were dragging our kids through the mud. As educators, it is our responsibility to give our students the best experience possible. Box Six provides the tools to make this happen. Their shows are exciting, competitive and affordable. Our kids have enjoyed every Box Six show they have played and the staff has enjoyed learning what design elements make-up a successful indoor percussion show. Since we began working with Box Six, we have been able to focus on improving the skills of our students while not getting bogged down with the design process. We are proud of our competitive accomplishments, but are even more proud of the amazing experience we are able to give to our students with a Box Six Show.

Jim Weaver and Brian Stockard
Band Director and Percussion Instructor, Mechanicsburg HS, PA

       As an active judge of various drumline competitions around the country, I always love coming to Southern California to see John and Ian's work. Their compositional creativity, especially considering the number of shows they write is astounding. And each show sounds completely different. The voicing and orchestration of the front ensemble makes the groups sound really full and lush. Their knowledge and use of electronic percussion is cutting edge and the coordination of the pit and battery elements is something that makes the compositions special. I'm so excited that they have made their shows available for the general public.

J.J. Pipitone
DCI Judge

       When I first began exploring your website and checking out the productions that were available when we were in our planning stage of the season, I was completely captivated by each show. I found myself listening to each of them over and over again. The possibilities seem limitless and it was easy to get excited about the season. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times that we received credit for the orchestration of "Skin Deep". Each judge's tape began with "Wonderful scoring of the front ensemble. I love the warmth that the keyboards are introducing to the audience." And each time, I explained that we could not take credit. That the show simply was very well written. Our success this year has so much to do with your creativity and your ability to effortlessly take the musicians playing the music as well as the audience on a emotional journey. On behalf of my staff and students, I want to thank you for making your programs available for the public. Our experience this year was without a doubt the most rewarding. Best of luck to you in the future. And I hope that Timber Creek will be able to work with one of your productions again.

Daniel O’Neill
Band Director, Timber Creek High School, NJ, 2010 WGI A class Gold medalist!