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Marching Band and Indoor Percussion Design

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Noe Gomez is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles, California and prolific educator and designer within the marching arts. He has over seven years of performance experience, including Impulse, Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets, and half of a decade with the Santa Clara Vanguard, where he served as drum major from 2012 to 2015. 

Noe is immersed in the upper echelons of the marching arts, as he is a full time visual designer, judge, and clinician for both high school bands and independent programs. Noe serves on the visual and drum major education team of the Santa Clara Vanguard. He is a visual technician at Ayala High School. At Rowland High School (WBA 2019 medalist), Noe is fully involved in the design process, from color scheme to prop design and staging. At POW percussion Noe is a visual designer where he was part of their historic highest placing season. Noe also serves as an advisor to the Color Guard Alliance of the Philippines.

As a designer, Noe prides himself on creating a cohesive visual package--one that is musically reflective, exciting, achievable, and fresh. He is passionate about cultivating a musical landscape that allows the performers to sound their best and integration that positively highlights the color guard. Noe upholds professionalism and communication as core elements of his work with all programs.

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