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Now accepting Custom Commissions

 Thu, 03 Dec 2020 11:02:13 PM   1428   Box Six


We are excited to offer new custom commissions opportunities!

Up until now we have been so busy with our own teaching schedule that we haven't been able to offer much custom work. While we are still busy working away on our published library of shows, we have a few limited slots open for ensembles looking for a commissioned show for marching band 2021 and/or indoor 2022. We are interested in working with groups of all levels and will accept a few clients dependent on the factors below.

We have an idea, now what?

Step one is to email us with answers to the questions below. Selection of clients will be based on a schedule, budget, and show style/concept that works for both parties.  Since this isn't a simple one size fits all scenario, let's get the conversation started and see if we can make it work!

Information we would need to know:

-Are you looking for a Marching Band or Indoor Percussion show?

-What is the level and size of your ensemble?

-What is your budget and timeline?

-Are you looking for original music or copyrighted music?

-Does this seem like a show that would work well with our current library of shows?

-Are you look for us to "do our thing" or do you hope to be hands on in the creative process?


Email us at to get the conversation started!