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New Indoor Percussion shows for 2024!

 Sun, 12 Nov 2023 04:55:46 PM   6981   Box Six

It's that time again!!

indoor 24 retangle b min

Once again, Box Six is excited to offer more new shows to our ever growing Indoor library!


"Where the Streets Have No Name"

Streets_Have_No_Name_banner min

"Where the Streets Have No Name" for World Class


"In This Room"

In_This_Room_banner min

"In This Room" for World Class



Haunted_banner min

"Asylum" for World Class

"Haunted" for Open Class

"Haunted" for A Class



Twisted_24 min

"Twisted" for Open Class

"Twisted" for A Class 


"All the World's a Stage"

All_The_Worlds_A_Stage__Banner_Indoor min

"All the World's a Stage" for Open Class

"All the World's a Stage" for A Class


"The Crow"

The Crow_Indoor_Banner min

"Chaos Order" for Open Class

"Chaos Order" for A Class


"Mad Science"

Mad_Science_Indoor_Banner min

"Mad Science" for Open Class

"Mad Science" for A Class



Reflections_Indoor_Banner min

"Reflections" for A Class

"Reflections" for Regional A Class



Emoji min_24 min

"Emoji" for A Class

"Emoji" for Regional A Class