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Running in Circles, available NOW!

 Tue, 25 Aug 2020 07:26:46 PM   1735   Box Six

What a year 2020 has been... The Pulse Percussion show this year was a very special production for many reasons. But one of those reasons was the decision to go the 100% original music route, from the lyrics and message to the music. The process was completely different for us and we had a great time putting the show together and were devastated when the season was cut short.

Right around when WGI finals would have happened John decided to take the original tune to the studio in an effort for the idea to live on in some way. John was on vocals and guitar, Chino Hills/Pulse drummer Nick Anocibar was on drums, Greg Power from Blue Stars/Pulse 15/POW staff was on cello and long time Pulse staffer Johnathan Zuniga was on bass and track mastering!

Then we decided to do an acoustic piano version. John was on vocals, Johnathan Zuniga produced and co arranged the chart, Greg Power was on Cello again and Pulse super vet Erick Urbina was on piano! It was important to use all Pulse people for this special project.

Hope you enjoy :)


Pulse 2020 "With All That's Spinning Round"


"Running in Circles" - full band studio version

Listen here!


"Running in Circles" - acoustic piano version

Listen here!


Twitch live-stream with John Mapes!