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New Indoor Shows for 2023!

 Wed, 26 Oct 2022 03:50:59 PM   3101   Box 6

It's that time again!!

Once again, Box Six is excited to offer more new shows to our ever growing Indoor library!


"Through the Storm"

"Through the Storm" for World Class


"We Are..."

"We Are..." for World Class



"Wonderland" for World Class

"Wonderland" for Open Class

"Wonderland" for A Class


"All Around Us"

"All Around Us" for Open Class

"All Around Us" for A Class


"Heart of the Home"

"Heart of the Home" for Open Class

"Heart of the Home" for A Class


"Chaos Order"

"Chaos Order" for Open Class

"Chaos Order" for A Class


"When the Forest Calls"

"When the Forest Calls" for A Class

"When the Forest Calls" for Regional A Class