Through the Storm

» Indoor: World Class
Price: $1,400 Duration: 7:40
Difficulty: High Independent World Class
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Mvt 1 - Ensemble

Mvt 2 - Ensemble

Mvt 3 - Ensemble


     "Through the Storm" is a journey of hope in a time where things can feel hopeless. "This rain isn't permanent, but soon we'll be dancing in the sun."

     Note: This show can be performed with a live singer or using the provided sung samples.

     "Through the Storm” was originally the Independent World Gold Medalist at WGI Championships in 2022 performed by Pulse Percussion. This show was released for the 2023 indoor season.

   *Perusal score available upon request

Permission to arrange and perform must be granted to purchase this show due to the inclusion of copyrighted material. There is an additional $180 publisher fee (approximate and subject to change) for the use of the song, “Better Days" by Dermot Kennedy.

Stay Other Uniform Rentals and Floor Reprints: "Through The Storm" Rental Information

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  • Snare
  • Tenor
  • 5 Bass Drums
  • Cymbals
  • 6 Marimbas
  • Xylophone/Crotales
  • Glockenspiel
  • 6 Vibes
  • 3 Synthesizers
  • Timpani
  • Drum Set
  • Optional Live Vocalist

What You Get:

 PDF files for all movements including Full Scores, Battery Scores and all Individual Parts

  MP3 recordings for the Full Ensemble, Click Tracks and Battery Percussion only

  Samples/Sound Effects in individual wav files

  Count Sheets for each Movement in Excel file format

  Personal Login Page with a username and password to access all your unit's show files

  Notation files can be provided for an additional fee. Inquire for more information

Stay other logo copy min  NEW! Complimentary uniform and set design consultation from Stay Other

Original Performance Video for Reference: